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5 Reasons Why You Need A Fabulous Wedding Planner

Hello fabulous people,

It’s Del leader of the Fab Squad, aka your Fairy Fab Mother. Today is a great day! I’m going to be talking to you about the top 5 reasons why you need a Fabulous Wedding Planner.

There are so many articles and videos out there talking about why you don’t need a wedding planner for your wedding. Guess what? None of these articles or videos are from wedding professionals. They are from actresses, bloggers, and past brides. All of them know they wish they had a Fabulous Wedding Planner. I am going to let you know why a Fabulous Wedding Planner is so important.

So, to get started, let’s jump into number one.

1. A Wedding Planner Is Going To Save You Money

So my number one reason why you should hire a wedding planner, and it’s probably the best and most logical reason for you, is that a wedding planner is going to save you money! Tons of money! Part of our worth is to save you money, keep you on budget, and make sure that we are allocating the funds where they are needed most.

Saving money starts with the venue search process, and when I say that it's a process, It is a process!!

We are going to start by finding you venues that are:

· Within your price point

· Have your availability

· And most importantly, it’s already your style aesthetic

If you want a fabulous castle style wedding, I am not going to bring you to a barn!

With the right venue, you won’t have to spend unnecessary money trying to make it look & feel like… “Your Vibe”.

After the venue search…it’s time to find you the best Vendors/Fab collaborators, to make your wedding day dreams come true!

Your DJ, band, photographer, videographer. Vendors/Fab collaborators are a huge part of the wedding planning process. I am going to make sure that we weed out all of the C Squad, mediocre Vendors, and get you an A-team. “Best in Business, Tried & True, Go-To Wedding Professionals”.

I don’t know about you, but in my market (Houston, TX), we are oversaturated with wedding vendors. We have 800 photographers. Everybody with a camera is a videographer. There are wedding planners who also bake cakes – DON’T DO IT, ABORT!

I am going to make sure that we are pairing you up with reputable vendors, vendors that are consistent, and also are within your price point. This is crucial so you aren’t planning in constant fear, and worrying about, “Are we going go over budget?” No, we’ll do our best to keep you on budget & on task.

We’re also going to negotiate your contracts. Yes ma’am! I am a negotiator by day, and a planner by night. No, I’m just kidding. But really, I’m going to make sure that we are always staying within our budget and getting you the best deals, and not locking you into suspect contracts.

2. Managing your expectations & saving your sanity

This one maybe should have been number one! LOL! No, seriously. Managing your expectations is a big job. I can’t tell you how many times brides come to me and show me their Pinterest board, and they're showing me Kim and Kanye’s flower wall. And they’re like, yes Del I want this. And I’m like, YES Girl, that’s $15,000 just for the flower wall.

My job is not to tell you no. However, it is to tell you here is how we can compromise. Now, if you have a $15,000 flower wall only budget, then let's do it!!! If not, I’ll do my best to keep your vision on the budget. I’m going to manage your expectations and give you options on compromises that can still give you the same look and feel that you want without going over.

Also, the wedding industry is like no other industry. People don’t always understand how everything is supposed to work. Because of that, we are going to hold your hand every step of the way. We will be your liaison/ Fab Concierge. We’re going to make sure that this process is as transparent as possible. By the way, you have never planned a wedding before. We’ve planned hundreds.

3. Keeping you on task

Now I know that The Knot, Wedding Wire, and every other planning outlet online is going to have a, “How to plan your wedding guide – Here’s a Checklist.” That checklist is not specific to you, it is for everybody. Your wedding planner should be able to create a custom/bespoke, planning outline for you so that you always know what’s going on throughout the planning process. Our couples benefit from weekly and monthly updates. Our planning software has your next appointments, payment schedules, reminders of payments due for each vendor, individual tasks, RSVP tracking, your design studio, seating arrangement tool, and so much more.

We will lay it all out so that we take away that anxiety. You’re never going to be wondering, “Oh My God, it’s October, what should we be doing now?” A good planner is going to make sure that they are updating you constantly, monthly, sometimes weekly for the ones that don’t do their homework, lol. We are going to make sure that we are keeping you informed and on task, so that you are never behind or feel overwhelmed.

4. Vendor Appointments

I can’t tell you how much fun I have going to vendor appointments with my clients. It’s almost like a field trip. Our job as the wedding planner is to come to these appointments prepared. Your planner should have your itinerary, floor plan, and design boards with them to show your vision to each of your different vendors. I can’t tell you how many times vendors have shared with me that their clients who attend meetings alone have no idea what was going on at their meetings.

You, as the client, have no idea what time load in is, or what time the ceremony starts, or where the DJ should set up. That’s your planner's job. Let the pros handle it! When we go to vendor appointments, we are not just showing up, we come prepared and make sure that we can handle all of the tough questions.

5. It’s Wedding Day

Wedding day is my favorite day of the entire week. This is when you get to see all the effort of all the planning come together. I just love it!

You, the couple, just want to show up. You want to be treated as the honored guest that you are. You don’t want vendors calling you with set-up questions, or where they should park (Yes this has happened). You also don’t want to be the bride barking orders from your sweetheart table.

Bad, and unplanned, things happen at absolutely every wedding. I am not going to lie to you, they happen all the time. But having a professional there means that you’ll never know about it. Your Planner can recalibrate, and manage the chaos behind the scenes so that you, your fiancé and both families can ENJOY! To be honest, your wedding day is going to go by very quickly. That is what my brides tell me the most when we have our post-wedding meeting. Worrying about the itinerary, or setup, or anything involving your vendors is a waste of time. So, hire a fabulous planner and make sure that THEY, not you, are executing the day.

For us, we show up from the time that the first vendor arrives until the absolute end. We have already confirmed with everybody weeks before the wedding day so that all of kinks have been ironed out. And for our couples and their families, it is just a Fabulous day!

Bonus. 6. Just in case of… Floods, Hurricane Harvey, Public Crisis, COVID

We were there with a full calendar of weddings and events scheduled during Hurricane Harvey, and here right now during the COVID-19 Crisis. We are the voice of reason, your official wedding correspondent, Captain in Charge of Postponements – Master Re-Scheduler. I’m on the front-line reading through contracts and clauses, reasoning with Venues and Vendors to waive penalty fees, checking on new dates, communicating schedules and availability. The point is, I am here helping you orchestrate in your time of need. This has proven to be a huge asset during these unfortunate incidences. My couples have literally said, "Del, we don't know what we would do without you during this crisis!"

During the hard times and the good times, it helps to have someone in your corner being the voice of reason and championing for you and your family.

Ok, those are my 5 reasons why you need a Fabulous Wedding Planner. I hope you liked my article. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Like, share, comment below. You know how to find me. That’s all for now kiddies!


- Del

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