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Fabulous FAQs

You Have Questions...We Have Fabulous Answers!

Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. If there is anything else you want to know, please contact us

Are You Really Houston’s Most Fabulous Wedding Planners?

Absolutely!  Well maybe that’s a bias question. We absolutely believe that we are! We have a flair for the theatrics that pairs well with our ability to consistently produce fabulously-fun, organized, & well executed Weddings & Events. Check out our awesome reviews on the knot & see what our brides, grooms & MOB’s have to say about us! 

What exactly does a Fabulous Wedding Planner Do?

Another trick question! The question should be – “What DON'T we do?” To answer the question, we try to do it all, and what we can’t do, we know someone amazing that can. We have an all-hands-on deck approach, giving each of our clients an intimate planning experience. From the very beginning, we generate a specialized venue search, custom to your preferences. We’ll assist with venue shopping, negotiating contracts, designing a layout, and organizing all of the logistics. We invest 100’s of hours into every full planning Wedding and Event. Planning hours typically consist of: On-site & In-office meetings, correspondence emails, scheduling & calendar maintenance, designing, assembly, follow-up, customized outlines, Vendor Timelines, wedding weekend (or day) itineraries, arranging accommodations, and so much more. We take planning very seriously, and we care about every detail. You are hiring us, for our experience, our Vendor/ Venue relationships (with preferred pricing by the way), and our expertise on negotiating, budgeting and organization. We absolutely listen, we absolutely care & we give our all to ensure that you have a Fabulous Wedding.

Well, what’s the difference between a Fabulous Planner & a Fabulous Coordinator?

Excellent Question. A Fabulous Planner will PLAN your Wedding from the very beginning, or pick-up at any point in the planning process. Your Planner will schedule and attend Venue & Vendor appointments with you, along with designing and facilitating the details of your Wedding Day. Your Planner can provide you with a custom package that gives you as much, or as little attention as you desire, so you can enjoy the little things…like being engaged. Full Planning comes with fabulous luxuries like: Invitation assembly assistance, RSVP tracking, Welcome Bag & Favor Assembly, Seating chart & Signage Creation, Color Palette assistance & mock-up inspiration boards, multi-event planning & facilitating, and much more. You can also get assistance you with your Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, and/or Farewell Brunch.

Your Fabulous Coordinator is going provide you with assistance 6 weeks before your wedding to make sure all of YOUR planning is sufficient, and help get you to where you need to be. Your Coordinator will attend the final walk-through at the Venue, create and/or update your final Wedding Itinerary, Venue/Vendor Timeline, and design your final floorplan. Your Coordinator will facilitate your Rehearsal and the actual wedding day with an assistant for up to 8 hours. Planners, Plan. Coordinators, Coordinate.

I just need a Day-Of Coordinator… Can You Help?

Umm No! Beware of Day of Coordinators. We don’t offer this service because it doesn’t work! We don’t know enough about you or the details of your wedding for us to just show up on the day of your wedding, and execute a flawless outcome. It would be impossible for you to have a truly fabulous experience that way. Our Event Management Service includes (2) Planning appointments, (1) when we first meet, and the final Planning appointment 6-8 weeks before you event, so that we can ensure that we've given you the tools to help plan your wedding. We'll connect with your Venue(s) and all Vendors and be your Liaison weeks leading up to your big day. On Wedding/Event Day this Service also includes a minimum of (2 ) Coordinators, and together they will ensure a smooth Wedding/Event Day, utilizing all of the information we’ve collected to execute a Fabulous Day! - There's no way we could do this in a day...or week. 

I thought Planners were for the Rich & Famous? Do I really need a Planner?

Do Fish Need Water?.... Of Course! -Don’t be silly! Full Wedding Planning is absolutely a luxury, but so is having a fabulous & well-executed wedding or Event! Do you want to be the bride barking orders from the sweetheart table? Do you want to avoid having the DJ disrupting your conversation with your new Mother-In-Law to ask you when you would like to cut the cake? A Planner/Coordinator is there to help you enjoy your Best Day Ever! Your friends and family don’t want to “work” the day of your wedding/Event. They would love to enjoy you…& the bar! There are so many details often overlooked by couples planning a wedding on their own, especially Vendor Selection – including – knowing what’s a good deal from a bad one. A Fabulous Planner is going to have a team of Vendors that offer great pricing and or incentives. Most Brides can’t afford to not have a Planner, we typically pay for ourselves. And that is only area where we make ourselves invaluable.

My Venue already has a Coordinator, Why Do I Still Need A Wedding Planner?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the wedding industry! Your Venue Coordinator has a job to do. The Venue Coordinator’s main objective is to:

  • Make sure you & your guests don’t burn down the building

  • Make sure the contract obligations like: Heat, Air, & Facilities are taken care of, and Food & Beverage services are progressing smoothly

  • Keep you within the terms and conditions of your contract

  • Make sure you & your guests are out when you are supposed to be


Your Venue Coordinator Certainly will Not:

  • Plan Your Wedding

  • Design A Custom Wedding Floorplan

  • Customize a Wedding Day Itinerary

  • Provide you with Wedding etiquette, guidance, and advice throughout the planning process

  • Attend your vendor appointments, and negotiate your contracts

  • Manage (All) Vendors & facilitate a well-executed timeline

  • Hold your wedding dress while you tinkle

  • Return your Wedding Cake Stand after the wedding

  • Be the point of reference for you, your guests, your photographer, your DJ, and all of your other vendors


The list can go on…& on, but you get the drift. They work for the Venue & not you personally.

How much does a Typical Wedding Planner Cost?

Wedding planning packages vary from firm to firm. This is a service-based industry. Price comparison is difficult because no two companies are exactly the same. I only do full, partial, and custom planning services, and only personally do around 20 Weddings per year. At the Full Planning level, the cost ranges from $6,500.00 - $10,000.00. At the Partial & Custom Planning level, it ranges from $4,000.00 - $6,500.00. We also have two amazing Associate Planners on our Team that can provide Month of Coordination, & Partial Planning from $2,500.00 - $3,500.00. We have an excellent Team! We are lovingly referred to as Team Fabulous, which consists of highly organized wedding Pros with hospitality & business backgrounds.

I found a Planner that is way cheaper, Why should I book with you?

So glad you asked! We often get the “how much, how much” emails and phone calls. That question is way too vague. We aren’t the cheapest option, nor are we the most expensive. We are moderately priced for the level of professionalism, expertise and uniqueness that we offer our clients. We are credible: we’ve won best in Weddings by The Knot, multiple years in a row. We've been Published & Featured by a dozen magazines. Del, is an Educator for the The Knot World Wide Wedding Pro, and Instructor at Fab Academy.  We are responsible, and insured with over a million in coverage. We are well respected & loved by our Industry peers. We are also the Preferred Planners all over the Houston, New York & Atlanta area Venues & Vendor. We have been planning Weddings & Social Events for over 8 years. Our experience makes us experts in our field, and we are exceptional at our craft. Discounting our fees would result in discounting services, and that is NOT an option. Team Fabulous, prefers quality over quantity at all times. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

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